Afruzan Academy

 The Afruzan        Academy 


My name is Memnon as Mem -Na- Un TeZe Uzan and I am honored that inquiry has lead you here. This world lives at pedestrians levels of scholarship about self, identity  of being and the indigenous portrait of the African. The African life is a Optimum life filled with explanatory's of  enlightenment and rich origins that exceed 1.3 million years. This page is set up the go into detail of that genius, and those optimal explanations of identity in Globalization.  

This page will be a conglomerate of all levels of self, that will make perfection more about choice and preference, than about making a mistake. It will divulge academics of history like no other channel on Earth or the next. It is time to release all doubt about who the African is, and that expression of that identity must live without flaw and be identified as the culture that is and has always been about the people of the SUN....Honor for listening 

Hello I am Mem-Na -Un  Remeber to always live the way of the Neter. Keep your Life  on the Sky